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Overwhelmed and Inspired

Updated: May 21, 2020

Is exactly how I felt after my first day at work. Working for a tech company has its perks, one of which is this purposeful feeling you get, after seeing what is being created all around you. Being around new projects and ideas about how to possibly shape the future is awesome and it fascinates me every day.

As part of my job, I write success stories together with customers. Our customers work for various companies across industries such as the automotive, industrial machinery, energy, aerospace, and many more. Success stories are high-level descriptions of the project, how they used my company’s products, and what the overall benefits of using them are. Usually, I try to look at the project, figure out what technical constraints they had before implementing my company’s solution and then shift focus to the main objective of the project. However, you can probably tell from my self-description that I am not starting this blog to write about very specific algorithms and how to deploy them or what type of code you should implement when working on a specific project. I do believe, that talking about use-cases and explaining thoughts behind certain projects can inspire others (and I will try to link as much detailed information as possible). Not having a technical background can also be beneficial: I will try to make it as understandable and fun as possible. This is the reason for me to start this blog: I am hooked and fascinated by the possibilities and wide range of different industries, projects and products engineers are currently working on.

But there is so much going on in the tech world, and therefore, you might ask yourself what type of projects I am going to talk about on this blog (you are absolutely right in asking yourself that). I am looking at projects that use the exact same method: real-time simulation and testing based on model-based design. Engineers use this method to deploy algorithms faster, to have a proof-of-concept at a very early design stage and sometimes they build something completely new and test different components of the newly designed systems. Furthermore, I am fascinated by the thoughts and explanations engineers can provide when asked. They investigate different workflows, take mechanical constraints into account, and build around or with the given to achieve the better. While working on success stories and talking to customers I found that there is so much more I’d like to share.

Therefore, I'd like this blog to inspire people, bring them together, talk, debate and enjoy the incredible things that have been tested and based on real-time simulation and testing. I will let you in on all my success stories and most importantly, I will try to gather as much information on specific use-cases I can find. I will make sure that you guys have fun while reading but also, that you will have the right additional information, papers on the topic, links and videos and much more. Sound good?

Stay hooked and more importantly: stay curious!

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